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Shenin Lebrun and Kimberly Ofori present

Black Achievers Breakfast

Every year during Black Achievement Month we would like to celebrate Black Achievers by organizing a Black Achievers Breakfast session.

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The Black Achievers Breakfast session, is a carefully curated event for those who understand why this matters. 
We will celebrate people of color and their achievement and will provide a platform that will empower you to ‘imagine’ what you can be.
You will hear from inspiring keynote speakers, talk about the theme of Black Achievement Month and follow a workshop related to your career.
All speakers are people of color, with remarkable stories and are mentors and role models for many already. We are bringing together people across brands and industries to learn, celebrate and be inspired. The next Caribbean themed breakfast session will take place on October 13th 2023.

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We’ve got your back with the Sisterhood Circle.

Women strive best in an environment where they can truly be themselves, engage, exchange and share. Yet they often feel judged and uncomfortable to do so in their existing circles, whether at home or in the office.

The Sisterhood Circle is here to fill that gap and provide a safe, honest and kind space to express yourself, your dreams, and needs. In the Sisterhood Circle, you can finally put yourself first and dare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and courage to achieve that vision of your life.

You will never walk alone again!
Join us today and connect with a strong and supportive network of passionate and like-minded sisters, powered by mentors that create a sphere of continuous personal development and growth.

By facilitating an empowering Sisterhood Circle, Hustle & Heart Consultancy will help you reach your career ambitions and dreams. We connect the minds and hearts of entrepreneurs & professionals seeking to take confident steps forward in their careers. Join the Sisterhood Circle to boost your confidence and make meaningful connections.

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  • Connection to a network of ambitious women that will support you along your professional and personal growth journey
  • Monthly, 1-hour group sessions for all participants; an opportunity for connection and meaningful conversations
  • Quarterly live networking drinks
  • Ongoing offering of inspirational tools and resources
  • Special guests to join some of the sessions, widening your network and opportunities for growth
  • Sisterhood Circle app offering access to session recordings, collaboration area, product and services offers, direct connection with members of the community and ongoing support
  • 15% discount on a wide range of H&H programming.

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Very inspiring, with lots of energy and good vibes. Can’t wait for the next one.


It was great! Having all those POWERwomen together, and a very well set-up program


It was an amazing morning with amazing inspiring women. Thank you for organising this breakfast event!!! Loved it!!


The circle has helped me conquer limiting beliefs and pushed me forward in my goals that I would normally procrastinate on.


As a result of joining the Sisterhood Circle I’ve decided to take the plunge and start my own company! This investment in myself was the best thing I’ve done for a long time