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RISE UP: Mentor Program | Kick Off November 4th

Over the 17 years I worked at Nike I learned a lot of important lessons. One of them being that your journey to success is so much easier and more fun with a mentor on your side. In my career, I came to a point where my progression stalled despite being a top performer, and this is where learning and connecting really helped me break through it. When you connect with the right mentor it opens up the ability to pursue opportunities, tap into resources and create a feedback loop that is essential in your career or business journey and progression.

Hustle & Heart Consultancy wants to make sure you progress in your career or business journey, with the 4 month mentor program. No matter if you’re just about getting started with your career, leading a successful company or you’re feeling a bit lost – this mentorship program is for you.

All our handpicked experts are well-known for their vast experience and know-how. They will help you to skyrocket your business or career.

Why should you join?

What do you get when you join?

  • 5 masterclasses from handpicked experts. Subjects
    • vitality is essential for growth
    • living on-purpose
    • personal branding – shameless self-promotion
    • leadership – modeling vulnerability
    • sales – growing your story telling muscle
    • Investing – Financial wellbeing
    • negotiating skills – negotiating your worth
  • Expert designed content
  • Monthly ‘unstuck’ sessions with Just Do It mentor Shenin Lebrun
  • World-wide network

For who


New business owners

Side Hustlers

Career changers

Promotion hunters

From start to finish, the program will help you transform your dreams and career goals into reality: success as you define it.

“This year I started a new job; one that I was incredibly excited about and knew that I was capable of succeeding in, but I didn’t know HOW I was going to succeed in it. After 12 months of working in a job that wasn’t suited to me, I had lost my confidence and my ability to sell myself and the experience that I had. I knew I needed some help but didn’t know where to find it. Enter Shenin.

As if like a message from God I saw a post on Linkedin about Shenin’s leap of faith and the new career mastermind that she was starting. I joined the intro session and within the first 15 minutes I knew that this was the woman that I needed, the mentor I’d been missing my whole career!

I joined the career mastermind with the objective of building my confidence, and with the help of Shenin, and the 4 other amazing women that were on the career mastermind with me, I have gone from shrinking wallflower back to the proud, confident woman I used to be. With humour, tough love, warmth and advice you’d think you can only get from Grandmother Willow, Shenin has been both the supporter and the adviser that I needed to push me out of my comfort zone, and start to believe in my capabilities again. The mastermind teaches you things that you think you don’t need, until you realise you do. It gives you the tools to navigate situations within the corporate world, opens up your mind to different roles and career paths, offers a platform to discuss things you might have been worried about speaking about before, and most importantly introduces you to a network of amazing women that have your back no matter what!

Shenin is not only an inspiration and a mentor, I would also consider her a friend. I would strongly urge anyone considering joining the mastermind to Just Do It! You won’t regret it”.

Brogan Wright

Creative Services Manager

Shenin is a powerful mentor full of inspiring energy and that hustle vibe I had been in need for! She will guide you through some interesting and insightful self-discoveries with grace and the right amount of “just do it”.

Within the first few sessions I had already learned so much about myself! It continues to be an empowering journey to see I am not alone in my challenges and to get insights and support from an amazing group of Women. I would fully recommend you take this journey of career mentorship with Shenin, it brought a new energy and self-confidence not only in my professional life, but also my personal one.

Laura Anghelus

Account Executive

Before I worked with Shenin i was torn between my two businesses. I’ve worked for years as a successful digital entrepreneur, but was not happy. I made more then 150k but it was not my soul purpose. I could feel it every day.

Shenin told me to listen to myself (no matter what) and take the steps towards my purpose. What do i really want and how am i getting there?

I recently started my business as a women coach for mothers. I’m all about the self esteem from the inside and development of intuition for women/mothers. After that you can go ‘outside’ and connect on a deeper level with your children. I took the steps, Shenin was right there with me and I build my new company during the mastermind from my purpose. With her help! She is like a mirror. Always honest, cheerleading but firm. Because she wants you to succeed.

Rachelle Verhage

Founder Women Coach & Mother empowerment

Diving into your deep, uncomfortable truths in order to come back stronger- that is the Just Do It Mastermind. Growth, humour, and professional development are inevitable with Shenin on your side.

Shenin is an absolute star at helping you cultivate and live your purpose. Even when you’re not quite sure where to go next, she’ll have the questions and insights to help you get there.

As a coach, she’s experienced, empathetic, and a true accountability partner. It came as no surprise that accountability is also a huge part of what drives the Mastermind.

Each participant brings her own set of skills and experiences, which creates an environment where safe learning and support is centralised. Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur: Shenin is the coach for you!

Solange Abraham

Business Manager Salesforce

RISE UP: Mentor Program | Kick Off November 4th

€ 1.700,00 excl VAT (Email us for payment in terms)

The entire program will cost only 1700,- EUR (excl. VAT)
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