Welcome to the DREAM BIG ACADEMY

A program that will propel you from having a dream to living your dream

Welcome to the DREAM BIG ACADEMY

A program that will propel you from having a dream to living your dream

With Shenin Lebrun

749 EUR

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Once a week in-person sessions

Class Start date

May 9

What you'll become

Fearless and action driven!

Do you have a dream but feel unable to pursue it?

The Dream Big Academy is designed with your progress in mind. Curated modules customized specifically for you. Shenin will provide you with the tools, habits and strategies necessary to pursue your dreams.


Over the course of the 7-week program, you will go through five modules, which cover the building blocks to a successful future. You will also make personal connections with a powerful network: from accountability partners, to advisors and experts who will enable you to boost your confidence and enhance your competencies in the long term.

About the Dream Big Academy

Everyone who knows me will tell you I have always been a big dreamer.

In my mind, dreaming big is having a bold vision of the future, a vision that can scare and excite at the same time. And despite all the challenging emotions, dreaming big brings out passion, creativity, and a willingness to embrace risk. Dreaming big is becoming the person you aspire to be, it’s feeling alive and pouring energy into something purposeful. Dreaming big is about living the life you want and leaving your mark… your way.

In 2003, I had my own big dream. I aspired to infuse more diversity, representation, and inclusivity in the film industry in The Netherlands. I worked hard with a group of amazing people to bring to life a TV series that told the stories of a diverse group of friends in their thirties, who reflect back on their life and achievements since graduation from university (inspired by a true story). In 2017, this TV series idea and dream materialized as the Feature Film ‘Alles voor Elkaar’, available on Netflix. Fast forward to 2021, my business partner and I decided to continue our mission and started our own production company ‘Maya Creatives’.

Whatever your dream is, whatever your aspirations for your future are,  I speak from experience when I speak of the highs and the lows of the journey, the doubts that try to hinder you from moving forward and the excitement that makes your heart race.

And now I dedicate myself to not only being inspiring but to advise, support and empower women who want to dream big. Because when we dream big and we work together to achieve these dreams, the world becomes a better place.


Your Teacher

Shenin Lebrun

Mother, Entrepreneur & Producer

Hello! My career started 17-years-ago as I joined Nike after graduating from International Business & Management. It was a dream come true for me and working for a global multinational corporation allowed me to develop critical skills and learn from the best in fields spanning across marketing, storytelling and sales. As a woman, I climbed the corporate ladder from a rookie assistant to an EMEA Director and I established myself as a leader in the corporate world.

My life has not been without challenges, grief, or disappointment. Nine years ago, I lost my dad to a sudden heart attack. I took away one major lesson from this tragic event which I wasted no time sharing with anyone who would listen: Don’t wait to follow your dreams and hone in on your passions now. Life can take an unexpected turn at any moment.

So in 2018, I took my own advice and founded Hustle & Heart Consultancy with one clear ambition: to dedicate myself to the support of all women professionals who want to unlock their potential and realize their dreams on their own terms. This work is essential for me and is at the core of the legacy I aspire to leave for women now, for future generations and for my amazing daughter Zohra-Lisa.


A 7-week program that will propel you from having a dream to living your dream.

The academy experience


Every week we’ll drop an exercise to get you into an active mode. Every Friday morning we have an in-person group session and accountability sessions happen through our WhatsApp group.


Build your network through like-minded members who will become your supporters and accountability partners long term and support you on your journey even after the academy ends.


You did all this work, now show off your achievement with solid proof that you are a Queen Hustler!  Receive recognition of your progress with the Dream Big Academy “Foundational Program” certificate.

Who you’ll become

Somebody who is not afraid to dream BIG.

Somebody who is willing to take a risk.

Somebody who knows that the gateway to success is people.

Somebody who believes in the most important person in your life, YOU.

Somebody who doesn’t sacrifice selfcare in their journey towards growth and success.

Somebody who takes action, despite limiting beliefs.


Shenin is a passionate coach with boundless positive energy. I’ve been impressed with her active listening skills before making suggestions or giving advice. Shenin is adept at finding focus and looking at practical steps to achieve realistic goals. She manages to show empathy while also driving us towards taking action. One of Shenin’s greatest qualities is being a connector, by sharing her knowledge and network and bringing people together.

Katherine Alzapiedi, Business Development

“What a great talk you just gave (online) at ABN AMRO. Good energy and a good story! It gave me another kick in the ass to continue creating again. Even though I am now working at ABN AMRO, I have a background in the creative industry. I myself am of Surinamese descent and I would like to see museums in the Netherlands more often holding exhibitions about the slavery and colonial period. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to achieve that. But one thing I know for sure: I will succeed. Good luck with all your creative endeavors!”

Shannon Martosemito, Data Steward at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

“She is like a mirror. Always honest, cheerleading but firm. Because she wants you to succeed.”

Rachelle Verhage, Certified Women's Coach

“With the help of Shenin I have gone from shrinking wallflower back to the proud, confident woman I used to be.”

Brogan Wright, Creative Services Manager at Scotch & Soda

“Growth, humor, and professional development are inevitable with Shenin on your side”

Solange Abraham, Account Strategist at Google

Course schedule | Location: Creative Point Meeting Spaces - Kanaalstraat 132 H

Exclusive launch party – Monday May 9, 2022 | 6.30-9pm

What to expect:

  • Meet your fellow Queen Hustlers
  • A Sneak Peak of the Academy
  • Kick off to living your dream life

Dress Code:

Wear your power outfit!! Your outfit that says I am ready to finally live my dream life!

Location: Creative Point Meeting Spaces – Kanaalstraat 132 H

Module 1 –  Friday May 13, 2022 | 10am-12.30pm

People are afraid to dream big and those of us who might like to dream. The truth of the matter is that many of us give up on our dreams. We throw in that proverbial towel when the going gets tough. However dreaming big gives our life meaning and without dreaming big you will never reach your full potential.

In this session I will empower you to dream big, in spite of your limiting beliefs. By putting you in contact with your heart. Working on your dream killers and identifying your real WHY.

Location: Creative Point Meeting SpacesKanaalstraat 132 H

Module 2 – Friday May 20, 2022 | 10am-12.30pm

The 3 C’s you need to invest in to start living your dream life.

1. The right set of competencies to deliver results.
2. Credible and supportive connections to lift you up
3. Inner confidence to believe in yourself

Especially believing in yourself and believing in your dream is important. When you lack self confidence you never unlock your full potential. Sometimes the difference in whether you succeed or whether you don’t comes down to one simple thing – believing in yourself. Also if your dream requires help from others, you then need them to believe in you. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would they believe in you? Shall I tell you something funny. Confidence is just a muscle.

In this session I will give you the tools to train your confidence muscle. We will acknowledge your self worth despite your limiting beliefs. We will continue building your dream team and work on the right soft skills to realize your dream.

Location: Creative Point Meeting SpacesKanaalstraat 132 H

Module 3 – Friday May 27, 2022 | 10am-12.30pm

I’ve always been a planner. An extreme planner, perfectionist and very organized. And, although I was familiar with the phrase “start before you’re ready”, I’ve never followed it. For years, I said “no” to doing anything before I felt completely ready.

What held me back? Fear. Fear of change. Fear of doing something new and different. Fear that change was risky. I’m guessing that you’ve felt this way too. We’ve been taught from an early age to research and plan so much that it’s become a hindrance to us. It stops many of us from moving forward.

But I’ve learned over the years that the power sits in the doing. Especially when it comes to doing something new or scary. In this session I will empower you to just start doing!! It’s time for action. It’s time to go from dreaming to doing.

Location: Creative Point Meeting SpacesKanaalstraat 132 H

Module 4 – Friday June 3, 2022 | 10am-12.30pm

You often don’t believe the effect structure & selfcare have on realizing your dreams and therefore we don’t prioritize this. Especially not selfcare. But I am here to tell you that you need to implement both to bring home the gold.(and DREAM!).

This module will remind you of the importance. I will give you hacks and to convince you not to negotiate on either. I will show you the importance and effect of both structure & selfcare on your dreams and ambitions. We will learn together how to communicate your boundaries and I will share lots of examples of structure & selfcare habits. So both become a part of your day-to-day life.

Location: Creative Point Meeting SpacesKanaalstraat 132 H

Module 5 – Friday June 17, 2022 | 10am-12.30pm

To live your dream you need to create emotional connections. You do that by telling a story. Everyone loves a good story. At this Power of Storytelling session, I will help you use your dream to inspire others.

While storytelling is extremely important, very few people master it. Most people don’t get started because they think that you’re either a natural-born storyteller or not. Let’s be clear storytelling is a skill. However, it’s a skill that can be learned and honed through training, practice, and the right mindset.

In this storytelling session, I will learn you how to structure, craft, and deliver your powerful story.

Location: Creative Point Meeting SpacesKanaalstraat 132 H

Graduation Party – Friday June 24, 2022 | 6.30pm-9pm

Your journey to become Fearless and Action driven; A real Queen Hustler does not end with this Academy. It’s the beginning of a new YOU. On this day we will celebrate this moment with an awesome graduation party.

Location: Creative Point – Kanaalstraat 132 H


YES: Are you somebody who always has big dreams?

YES: Are you somebody who has a dream, but never seems to find the courage to take action?

YES: Have you just figured out what your life purpose is and want to get started?

YES: Have you started to materialise your dream but need more confidence and support?

Become the Queen Hustler you have always dreamed to be

749 EUR

Class starts in:



A: Yes, we can accommodate that. However the sessions are officially not set up to be hybrid.

A: The sessions will not be recorded. But the module slides will be made available.

A: No, unfortunately you can’t. We need your full commitment of all modules.

A: Yes, there is. You will automatically receive an invoice upon payment.

A: Each will get a 10% discount of the original price.

A: Yes, if you are a member of the Sisterhood Circle you get a 15% discount.

A: There are no payment terms. You have to pay in full in one time.