by shenin lebrun

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My name is Shenin Lebrun, born and raised in Amsterdam with Surinam roots. Mother of Zohra-Lisa and multi-passionate.

My professional career started at Nike. After 18 years I have established myself as a female leader in the corporate world. I have worked the corporate matrix. I have played the political games. As an introvert, I have learned the hard way that shameless self-promotion is a crucial career skill. I have made many lateral moves, even when I was more than ready for a promotion. I leveled-up on my negotiating skills. All while staying authentic. The Just Do It mentality sits in my DNA and these three words are also the key to many of my successes. JUST DO IT. For me, this is not just a marketing line; this has become my personal mantra.

Even though Nike is truly a magical place to work, I did recently decide to take a leap of faith and leave this amazing Just Do It brand.  Almost every week I get asked one of these questions; “what made you leave Nike, what triggered you to take the leap” “How is your post-Nike life” How was it, working for Nike for so long.

Well it’s time that I share my story. My ups and downs of my career at Nike. I will share the many lessons learned. I will share why I left Nike. What were the triggers, the decisive factor and what my life post-Nike looks like. I will share my BIG dreams. 


I will organize two zoom webinar sessions, one on September 30th at 6pm CEST. During this session I will share my uncensored story and will answer all your questions. 

The sessions will be 75mins, free of charge and are hosted by Hustle & Heart Consultancy. Hustle & Heart Consultancy helps professionals & entrepreneurs unlock and reach their maximum potential. We support go-getters advance their career and/or create business opportunities by offering tailor-made mentoring programs to boost confidence, competence and connections.

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