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Empowering the growth of female Leadership

Hustle & Heart Consultancy

Career Development Agency

Hustle & Heart Consultancy is a Career development agency.

For corporate consultancy

Our consultants help corporates like Nike, PWC, ABN AMRO, Lululemon and EssilorLuxottica at the intersection of Talent, Culture, and Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.

On workplace development

Offering a suite of solutions, Leadership Programs, Employer Research Groups support and Executive Coaching. Strong formats leading to better business tomorrow.

Companies that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive are better able to respond to challenges, win top talent, and meet the needs of different customer bases.”


We support organisations

Develop. Retain. Inspire. Talent


We focus on supporting you with your long-term diversity and inclusion strategies. Creating a culture of belonging with the result of retaining your high performing talent. 


Through leadership development programs and curated events, we humanize the people and simplify the solutions for challenges faced by leaders and team in corporate environments.

We have worked with:

Areas of Expertise

Together with a team of experts, Hustle & Heart designs custom programs to help organizations develop and retain their most important asset: their people. Companies that get their diverse people development and retention strategy right are the future business leaders.

Our overall goal is to support organizations to create a more engaged, loyal, inclusive and productive workplace.

Meet the Founder

Shenin Lebrun

Born in Amsterdam with Surinamese roots, Shenin Lebrun epitomizes resilience. After university, she joined Nike and ascended to become the EMEA Marketplace Director in her 18-year tenure.

In 2021, Shenin founded Hustle & Heart Consultancy, aiding companies, such as ABN AMRO Bank, Nike, PwC , Deloitte, AKQA and Lululemon, in valuing top-tier talent and growing diverse Leadership.

With over 16 years of corporate experience, Shenin‘s work sits at the intersection of Talent, Culture, and Diversity & Inclusion strategy. In 2023 Shenin made it onto the final list and is recognized as one of the FUTR150 people by Startupbootcamp! FUTR150 is a list showcasing the world’s 150 most influential visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs, who are shaping the future and making an impact.

A multifaceted entrepreneur, Shenin is also a mentor, a TEDx speaker, a women’s leadership advocate, and a devoted mother to Zohra-Lisa.



If you want to stop talking about achieving a culture of belonging investing in employee development and finally see it become a reality, we can make it happen. 

Facts & Figures


Gender Pay Gap:
Unadjusted gap of the median pay for Women vs, the median pay for men for all roles.



of employees who quit their jobs cited a lack of advancement opportunities as their primary reason for leaving.


of global employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged.


Diverse companies earn 2.5x higher cash flow per employee. Inclusive teams are over 35% more productive. Diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time. 


A significant gap of 44% is seen when comparing the share of women in senior contributor positions to the share of men, on average.


Just 25 of the 5,670 (0.4%) board seats in the Fortune 500 are held by openly LGBTQ+ directors. Of the 25 seats only two are held by LGBTQ+ people of color. 

Our mentoring program is suited for professionals who are looking for purpose finding, guidance, connections, big picture planning and tough love. We also help entrepreneurs who are busy building their business or side project and would like to have a sparring partner. From start to finish, our programs will help you transform your dreams and career goals into reality: success as you define it.


The Nike EMEA Women’s Network has been collaborating with Hustle & Heart Consultancy for over 2 years for multiple types of sessions on personal branding, public speaking and unstuck sessions. We love Shenin’s way of working: her professionalism and talent for public speaking, her openness during the sessions and her ability to bring the audience on a smooth journey to discover the areas they want to improve and get ready for the future. 

As a trainer, Shenin always strives for women to discover their strengths and be confident to talk about them. She is not afraid to discuss tough topics and blockers during the process, and she does this with grace. She makes people feel at ease by sharing her own story and experiences and this sets the tone for the group.

Each time Shenin took the stage for internal sessions of the Nike women’s network; the group left with so much energy and enthusiasm. Thank you Shenin!


Lululemon Lift Our Voices (LOV) provides a safe space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) employees to connect, gather, and share their stories, struggles & successes.

Hustle & Heart understands the social climate of modern society, and in partnership with Lululemon, we take pride in facilitating monthly online sessions that provide a safe, open environment for members of the Lululemon BIPOC community across EMEA to ground themselves, to meet with & commune with their fellow colleagues.

Lululemon EMEA

We organized a lunch session with Shenin on Personal Branding and loved it! Despite having only 1.5 hours, Shenin gave us a concise overview of Personal Branding, created a safe space to discuss the topic with each other and gave us practical pointers that we could take back to our day to work. What worked well for our group was that she brought a lot of energy, examples from her own careerpath and a structured method to ‘tackle’ a topic such as Personal Branding. If you’re looking for someone who can do all that and is a pleasant person to work with, we would highly recommend her!


Hi! We are Team A Cup of Ambition, an all-female speakers Agency and Academy.

We make sure women take the stage with more ease, comfort and speak up. With the result that what we hear or see is a reflection on the society we live in. Our mission? MORE WOMEN ON STAGE.    

We have the honor to represent almost 50 speakers and moderators, including Shenin Lebrun (so proud) They are all very talented and bring a lot of inspiration, a unique story and professionalism to the stage. We are there as the match makers and the booking agency for each speaking gig.  

3 tips to own your next presentation! During our Academy we train ambitious and inspirational women to be a confident speaker on and off stage by bringing a powerful story. We always connect the personal & theoretical stories together to create the uniqueness of the speaker. But there are lots of tips that apply to everyone, we call it ”the basics”. In this message we share three tips, to rock your online presentations. 

  1. Set up for success. Good preparation is half the battle here too. And in this case, we mean the practical preparation. 
  2. Create interaction. A poll, asking for responses in the chat, a small energizer: these are all ways to seek interaction.
  3. Finish strong. If possible end with a call to action of three key take a ways.

Are YOU ready to own the stage? 

Let’s connect. Join the Academy: Together with our experts we’ve incorporated the main ingredients needed to empower more women to step up and own their stage. At work, at home, at parties…anywhere! Let us introduce you Netherlands’ first educational program for female speakers, which we call, the Academy. More info

At Book Your Trainer, we've completed some great programs

The feeling of success among our members translates into a better sense of self. Of course, a cosmetic change affects how you feel. But a healthy self-image has much more influence on how you perform and present yourself in the workplace. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you convince others to? The rationale behind why you want something and what your ultimate goal is paints an interesting journey for you. I’m here to walk the path together with a backpack full of guidance. It remains your story.

My answer to what a healthy lifestyle can mean for your career describes a comprehensive picture with a start between your ears. A program to change you cosmetically, make you feel fitter, or run faster can be written by multiple trainers for you. There are many good trainers in Amsterdam. I even have a few favorites that I follow. I just don’t believe that starting from the outside in is the right order. Love yourself first. Help yourself. Explore yourself. Heal yourself. Make the necessary changes, make the right decisions, do what suits you, and move in your power because of it.

As a fitness and health profession I focus on changing lives or rather lifestyles through sports and fitness.

The aim is to assist you in becoming the best healthy version of yourself.  Physically and mentally! I practice my work in every location. I believe we can train and get fit anywhere. From the great outdoors to, school gyms and or private corporate office gyms.

3 valuable health tips 
– Stay active. Start by moving a little more each day, once you’ve got that under control. Start training as if a gold medal is on the line. 
– Make the time to rest. Get those 6-8 hours sleep. Power napes help!
– Have balanced and nutritious meals.

I live by the following: 
Always progressing 
Train for today and tomorrow.

The Extra Mile: The workplace of Hustle & Heart Consultancy

At The Extra Mile (TEM), we have created an ecosystem where like-minded entrepreneurs of all walks of life can benefit from the synergy that arises when people go ‘the Extra Mile’ for their community.

We connect the entrepreneurs of today with the stars of tomorrow by working close with Schools and universities. 

It’s the Goal of the founding partners to uplift the SOUTHEAST area of Amsterdam to higher levels by inspiring people to work together and creating the platform for all of this.

Originally a banker, then transitioned to consultancy when I moved to the UAE.

Today in my role as a strategist and consultant, I’ve had the privilege of helping many companies scale into successful global businesses. We take a unique approach, —one that prioritizes inclusive innovation, mindful product development, and sustainable growth. My mission is to guide established and fast-growing companies towards a more holistic perspective on success. 

My three tips for a thriving life:

  • Embrace Your Authenticity
    Your uniqueness is your greatest asset. Don’t shy away from it; let it shine through in everything you do. Authenticity breeds connection and trust, essential ingredients for both personal and professional success.
  • Pursue Your Passion with Purpose
    Identify what sets your soul on fire and pursue it relentlessly. However, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Ensure that your passion aligns with a greater purpose—one that brings meaning not only to your life but also to the lives of others.
  • Believe in the Power of Possibility
    Remember, nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. Cultivate a mindset of optimism and resilience. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. With determination and perseverance, you can overcome any obstacle on your path to success.

Through one-on-one conversations, masterclasses
and 360-degree feedback

my executive leadership coaching services and focused programs are designed to guide you build your effectiveness as a leader and reach your professional and organizational goals.

The tailormade training- and coaching programs are to strategize and practice behaviors to increase leadership effectiveness and professional satisfaction.

4 relevant leadership lessons for leaders of the future:

  1. Make time for introspection 
  2. Be brave everyday
  3. Listening instead of talking
  4. Don’t let anything hold you back

Being a business mentor is different from being a coach.

As a mentor it is important that you can serve your client by providing guidance, experience and wisdom gained by your own experience. The goal is to offer insights into navigating challenges making strategic decisions and developing professionally. 

Each phase of the business comes with challenges and opportunities. It is my job to help my mentee to overcome these challenges and seize the opportunities.

My tips for every business owner

  • Serve wholeheartedly and the money will follow.
  • Add value.
  • Have a strategic plan.
  • Hire a mentor that’s been through every phase. 
  • Anticipate instead of reactions.
  • Know your numbers.
  • Know your why‼️
  • And remember You are the engine and the beating ❤️ or your organization. So, make sure you work on yourself and nourish yourself.

My best 3 Game changers to stay vital and successful are:

  • Kickstart everyday with two glasses of water – hydration is key to keep your energy levels up and flushing out those toxins. First win of the day!
  • Identify your personal ‘energy peak’ moments and structure your day around it, as much as you can, including slow down time and mindful meals.
  • Treat working out and moving your body as two separate activities. Mix them up, play around with what works best for you. All about staying active and feeling great!