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Hustle & Heart Consultancy

Hustle & Heart Consultancy helps intrapreneurs & entrepreneurs unlock and reach their maximum potential. We support go-getters advance their career and/or create business opportunities by offering tailor-made mentoring programs to boost confidence, competence and connections. Hustle & Heart Consultancy focuses on people who identify as women.

Our mission is providing an


playing field for women in business.

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You are an achiever.
A go-getter.
A trailblazer.
Passionate, creative, driven.
Made to succeed.

But sometimes you struggle to see the greatness in yourself, and at times you have trouble trying to ‘sell’ this to others. Knowing your worth, being able to communicate that externally and living up to your potential is crucial for career and business success.

No matter your goal – whether you want to work towards that promotion, change professions, write that book, start your own business, own a side hustle or you just want to be surrounded by like-minded women – we have your back.

With our mentoring programs we give you access to the right connections, boost your confidence levels and enhance your competencies. We enable you to seize opportunities; amplifying the positive impact on gender equality and building a brighter tomorrow for all of us.

Our mentoring program is suited for professionals who are looking for purpose finding, guidance, connections, big picture planning and tough love. We also help entrepreneurs who are busy building their business or side project and would like to have a sparring partner. From start to finish, our programs will help you transform your dreams and career goals into reality: success as you define it.

Are you occupied with questions like:

  • I know what I can bring to the table but how can I sell my profile properly?
  • Do I have what it takes?
  • How do I prepare for the next step in my career and how do I negotiate a raise or promotion?
  • How do I build a business bigger than me?
  • How do I start a side hustle?
  • How do I get a seat at the table in a ‘boys’ club corporate environment?

Then we’ve got your back.


Sisterhood Circle

RISE UP: 4 month Leadership Program | Kick Off March 3rd

Mentor Membership Program

VIP Coaching Program

“I joined the career mastermind with the objective of building my confidence, and with the help of Shenin, and the other amazing women that were on the career mastermind with me, I have gone from shrinking wallflower back to the proud, confident woman I used to be.”

Brogan Wright


“This coaching with Shenin is just the best decision I have made for myself these last years. It feels it is bringing me both the professional and the personal development toolkit, empowering me to dig deeper and build my self-awareness to unfold my full potential.”

Morgane Fontaliran

“Shenin is like a mirror. Always honest, cheerleading but firm. Because she wants you to succeed”.

Rachelle Verhage

“Diving into your deep, uncomfortable truths in order to come back stronger- that is the Business Mastermind. Growth, humour, and professional development are inevitable with Shenin on your side”.

Solange Abraham


“Shenin is a powerful mentor full of inspiring energy and that hustle vibe I had been in need for! She will guide you through some interesting and insightful self-discoveries with grace and the right amount of “just do it”.

Laura Anghelus