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 Developing and empowering those who have been underrecognized and engaging on a human centric level with those who have the power to challenge the norm.

Hustle & Heart Consultancy is a career development agency that helps corporations develop and retain their high-performing talent. We specialize in the retention of women & BIPOC talent.

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The Nike EMEA Women’s Network has been collaborating with Hustle & Heart Consultancy for over 2 years for multiple types of sessions on personal branding, public speaking and unstuck sessions. We love Shenin’s way of working: her professionalism and talent for public speaking, her openness during the sessions and her ability to bring the audience on a smooth journey to discover the areas they want to improve and get ready for the future. 

As a trainer, Shenin always strives for women to discover their strengths and be confident to talk about them. She is not afraid to discuss tough topics and blockers during the process, and she does this with grace. She makes people feel at ease by sharing her own story and experiences and this sets the tone for the group.

Each time Shenin took the stage for internal sessions of the Nike women’s network; the group left with so much energy and enthusiasm. Thank you Shenin!


Roos van der Dussen

Nike Women of EMEA


My name is

Shenin Lebrun

I was born and raised in Amsterdam with Surinamese roots. I’m a Leadership Consultant, Talent Development expert, Speaker, Facilitator, TV/Film producer and the mother of Zohra-Lisa (4yrs old). My career started at Nike 17-years-ago, right after university. It was a dream come true! Working for a successful global company meant I could learn from the best in marketing, storytelling and sales.

As an introvert, I learned that shameless self-promotion is a crucial career skill. I made lateral moves, even when I was more than ready for a promotion. Over the years I learned to believe in myself and started to trust my vision. As a woman of color, I climbed the corporate ladder from a rookie assistant to an EMEA Director and I established myself as a leader in the corporate world.

By following my dreams I am now a self-made business woman.  In 2021 I founded Hustle & Heart Consultancy  to help organizations build a strong pipeline of women and diverse talent.


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Our mentoring program is suited for professionals who are looking for purpose finding, guidance, connections, big picture planning and tough love. We also help entrepreneurs who are busy building their business or side project and would like to have a sparring partner. From start to finish, our programs will help you transform your dreams and career goals into reality: success as you define it.

“I really enjoyed listening to your talk. It’s really special how you sent the energy in the group. I will not soon forget that! I will take the energy with me and will certainly take your advice to heart!”

Myrthe Berkman

Business & IT implementation manager, ABN AMRO Bank

“Hi Shenin, I hope you are well. Your words resonated with me and I felt positive energy. You have a new supporter from England. I have now signed up to your upcoming workshop. Very excited. I hope to connect with you to cheer you on and support you and the amazing work you’re doing”

Samira Ali

Human Resource Manager, Samark Consulting Limited

“What a great talk you just gave (online) at ABN AMRO. Good energy and a good story! It gave me another kick in the ass to continue creating again. Even though I am working at ABN AMRO, I have a background in the creative industry. I myself am of Surinamese descent and I would like to see museums in the Netherlands more often holding exhibitions about the slavery and colonial period. I don’t exactly know how I’m going to achieve that. But one thing I know for sure: I will succeed. Good luck with all your creative endeavors!”

Shannon Martosemito

Data Steward, ABN AMRO Bank