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Shenin brings a good dose of positive energy and enthusiasm to inspire everyone to sit on the edge of their seat. Practical, fun and fascinating to the end. Online or live on location. 

Explore my 2023 TEDx talk, during the main event of TEDxAmsterdamWomen,  where I delve into three generations of representation and decode the future. Click to watch and discover the power of being what you cannot see.

Signature topics

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Representation
  • Leadership
  • Career
  • Mindset

What to Expect

  • Inspiration
  • Surprising insights
  • Concrete, practical and valuable tips
  • Humor, passion and fun

In short: a session that you will not soon forget.


“What a great talk you just gave (online) at ABN AMRO. Good energy and a good story! It gave me another kick in the ass to continue creating again. Even though I am now working at ABN AMRO, I have a background in the creative industry. I myself am of Surinamese descent and I would like to see museums in the Netherlands more often holding exhibitions about the slavery and colonial period. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to achieve that. But one thing I know for sure: I will succeed. Good luck with all your creative endeavors!”

Shannon Martosemito

“I really enjoyed listening to your talk. It’s really special how you sent the energy in the group. I will not soon forget that! I will take the energy with me and will certainly take your advice to heart!”

Myrthe Berkman

“Hi Shenin I hope you are well. Your words resonated with me and I felt positive energy. You have a new supporter from England. I have now signed up to your upcoming workshop. Very excited. I hope to connect with you to cheer you on and support you the amazing work your doing”.

Samira Ali

“I just wanted to say Wow! You rocked the WFM show yesterday. I watched the first half, had to leave but saw the second half in the afternoon.I am so glad I didn’t have to follow you!!!

I love your storytelling, your heart and your caring for others. Your stories about your dad still linger in my mind. Well done Shenin and thank you for sharing that story…both with the Quinyx family and beyond…

All the got a new fan in me”.

Jim Donald