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This is my hardest career moment. Key lesson learned when nobody else believes in you, you should keep on believing in yourself. I promise you that your path will be enlightened.

No dream is impossible

My love for film has inspired me to produce my own film. No dream is too big, no dream is impossible. If you truly want something, you will find a way!

Build your own table in 2022!

So it’s the end of the year and you want to disconnect to regain some focus and energy? I know. me too.

Married to the job

Most of us wait for things to happen to us. And I am one of them, or at least …I was. For over a decade, I was a dedicated employee, working every day, all day and sometimes all evening for the company I loved and in jobs that I enjoyed very much.

The secret behind keeping your employees engaged and happy while creating a thriving business

What is the secret behind keeping your employees engaged and happy while creating a thriving business? We meet inspiring and thought-provoking world-class speakers sharing their best insights for success.

Use your ‘feminine’ traits as your ticket to success

Welcome in the age of femininity! What? Well yes! In today’s faster and more interconnected world, no one person — no matter how smart or sophisticated — can hope to connect all relevant dots.

Why mentorship is essential for 21st century career success

After 17 years at Nike and years of successful side hustles, I noticed that I can inspire a lot of people in the field of business and help them with their mindset and business.

Imposter Syndrome

Summer is just around the corner and, naturally, this is a season in which we show more of ourselves to the outside world again.