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Why mentorship is essential for 21st century career success

by: Shenin Lebrun

Reading time: 2 minutes

After 17 years at Nike and years of successful side hustles, I noticed that I can inspire a lot of people in the field of business and help them with their mindset and business. I already did that at Nike, and it has only grown over the years.⁠

I am a big fan of sharing your knowledge and of constantly learning, so mentorship has become one of the most important pillars in my company and now I structurally help several entrepreneurs to tackle their limiting beliefs and get the most out of themselves.

Because women want to get the most out of themselves, mentorship is essential in this 21st century. Why is that?

It’s all about soft skills

The days in which your diplomas were the key to a successful business or corporate career are over. Of course, it’s important to ‘know your stuff’, but today knowledge is accessible for almost everyone. The way to stand out and be successful is to develop your soft skills. How do you present yourself; how do you carry yourself and how do you handle real life situations in your working field? These skills are perfect objectives for a mentorship and you can develop your personal soft skills the best with one-on-one coaching.

It’s all about networking

Nowadays we live in a networking society. It’s not what you know anymore, but who you know. A college degree doesn’t come with a network, a mentor does. If you get yourself a mentor, he or she can help you to build your own network and, most of the time you get to utilize theirs and make use of all the opportunities it comes with.

It’s all about being authentic

You can have your career anywhere on this planet and that means your competition multiplies. Is that a problem? Could be, but not if you learn to be authentic. There’s only one you and that one is irreplaceable. With a mentor it’s easier to find out which skills make you the best version of yourself, so those competitors are no competition for you.

There is no time in your life that you no longer need a mentor. You are never too good to learn, right? So immediately after quitting my regular job at Nike and starting as a full-time entrepreneur, I chose a mentor myself again.

Why? She gives me wings! And that is exactly what I can do for you. As a mentor I am your sparring partner 24/7, I push you through hard decisions, I open up my network of experts for you and I teach you everything that has brought me further, so that you can also progress quickly and get these three advantages of a mentor right away. Want to know more? Check for info or send an email! ⁠

by: Shenin Lebrun

Reading time: 2 minutes



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