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Hello! My name is Shenin Lebrun, born and raised in Amsterdam with Surinamese roots. I’m a career mentor, entrepreneur, speaker, TV/film producer and a mother to Zohra-Lisa. My career started at Nike 17-years-ago, right after university. It was a dream come true! Working for a successful global company meant I could learn from the best in marketing, storytelling and sales.

As an introvert, I learned that shameless self-promotion is a crucial career skill. I made lateral moves, even when I was more than ready for a promotion. Over the years I learned to believe in myself and started to trust my vision. As a black woman, I climbed the corporate ladder from a rookie assistant to an EMEA Director and I established myself as a leader in the corporate world.

I learned not to wait for the perfect opportunity and the power of these 3 words: Just Do It. And I did it all while staying authentic. The Just Do It mentality sits in my DNA. For me, this is not just a marketing line; it has become my mantra. I have embraced the ‘Just Do It’ mindset into my personal and professional life. 

By following my dreams I am now a self-made business woman. In 2021 I founded Hustle & Heart Consultancy to help organizations develop and retain their high-performing talent. As the Founder and CEO of Hustle & Heart Consultancy, Shenin has been a guide for companies such as Nike, Adidas, PwC, Lululemon, Deloitte, AKQA and ABN AMRO as they redefine what it means to cultivate a culture of belonging.. With over 16 years of corporate experience, Shenin‘s work sits at the intersection of talent, culture, and strategy. In 2023 Shenin made it onto the final list and is recognized as one of the top 150 people of FUTR150! FUTR150 is a list showcasing the world’s 150 most influential visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs, who are shaping the future and making an impact. 

My life has not been without challenges, grief or disappointment. Nine years ago I lost my Dad to a sudden heart attack. What I learned from that experience, and what I waste no time sharing with anyone who will listen is this: “Don’t wait to follow your dreams and hone in on your passions now. Life can take an unexpected turn at any moment.”

Personal values

My aim is to support you in your professional and personal development whilst working together towards positive impact.

Authenticity & Vulnerability. To bring your life’s mission to the next level there is one value not to be missed: being yourself. Show up. Bring yourself to the court. Choose from your values, share your experience and be vulnerable in your ideas. There is power in vulnerability.

Just Do It. No success is without action. It sounds so simple and yet there is a graveyard full of good ideas and intentions that are never executed. By taking the leap and Just Doing It, you can bring your visions to life.

Harmony. There is no such thing as a work-life balance. However you can create your own harmony. Figure out what works for you.

Perseverance. Nothing worth having comes easy. To get the results you desire you need perseverance to keep sharpening your ideas and to retain your joy while doing it.

Hustle & Heart Values

We believe we rise by lifting others. Our aim is to help you reach your potential. H&H brings you the thrilling feeling of being inspired. We hand you new ideas, fresh insights and impactful experts that can lift you to the next level.

Inclusivity. H&H is there for all women professionals. In our world no one is excluded or out of place. We are a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ people. We are all unique and the same in some way. We enrich each other. We want you to feel like you belong.

Empowerment. We have so much to share with the world as professionals. H&H helps one another to step up and fulfill our potential.

Safety & Belonging. H&H is a safe haven for ideas and doubts; for being who you are now and the person you would like to become. Whatever stage of your career, whatever your aspirations, we’ll support you along the way. 


Hustle { huhs-uhl }

Verb, hus·tled, hus·tling.

  • ‘Hustling is about doing everything you know is possible. Putting all of your energy, all of your focus, all of your intentions to moving, an idea an experiment, an experience into full manifestation’ – Oprah Winfrey
  • ‘Hustling is putting every minute and all your effort into achieving the goal at hand. Every minute needs to count’ – Gary Vaynerchuck

My definition

  • Hustling is having the ultimate ‘Just Do It’ mentality and being persistent in reaching your goals
  • Hustling is starting before you are ready
  • Believing in yourself
  • Working hard and working smart
  • Selling first & creating later
  • It’s not about what you know,but who you know

Noun, The hustler

  • Dreamer
  • Confidence
  • Connector
  • Persistence
  • Energetic

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