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Hello, My name is Shenin Lebrun, born and raised in Amsterdam with Surinam roots. Single mother of Zohra-Lisa and I am multi-passionate. I am a business coach, an entrepreneur, speaker, a TV/film story producer and a mother. My professional career started at Nike 17 years ago, right after university. That was a dream come true, because with this successful global player I could learn from the very best in the field of Marketing, Storytelling and Sales.

As a woman, and as a black woman to be exact, I climbed the corporate ladder from a rookie assistant to an EMEA Director. I established myself as a female leader in the corporate world. I have worked the corporate matrix. I have played the political games. As an introvert, I have learned the hard way that shameless self-promotion is a crucial career skill. I have made many lateral moves, even when I was more than ready for a promotion. I leveled-up on my negotiating skills. All while staying authentic.

The Just Do It mentality sits in my DNA and these three words are also the key to many of my successes. JUST DO IT. For me, this is not just a marketing line; this has become my personal mantra. I have also embraced the ‘Just Do It’ mindset and professional way of working in my private life and in my own business.

This specific frame of mind led me to the beautiful realization of my own dreams. In 2017 I produced my 1st feature film Alles voor Elkaar (Still on Netflix), without any experience or network. This finally resulted in founding Maya Creatives, a TV/Film production house, focusing on inclusive content. In 2018 I founded Hustle & Heart Consultancy. Hustle & Heart helps intrapreneurs & entrepreneurs unlock & reach their maximum potential. By following my dreams I am now a self-made business woman.

My life hasn’t always been without challenges, grief or disappointment. 9 years ago I personally experienced that life can be short when I lost my Dad to a sudden heart attack. What I learned from that experience, and what I waste no moment to share with anyone who wants to listen is this: “Don’t wait to follow your dreams and hone in on your passions now. Life can take an unexpected turn at any moment.”

Over the years I have learned to believe in myself and my capabilities, to trust my vision, the importance of staying authentic, not to wait for the perfect opportunity and the power of these 3 words: Just Do It.

It’s my goal in life to inspire, to share my knowledge and experience with you and develop as many women as possible, so they feel empowered, reach their maximum potential and realize their dreams.

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I bring a good dose of positive energy and enthusiasm to inspire everyone to sit on the edge of their seat. Practical, fun and fascinating to the end. Online or live on location.

Signature topics

  • Hustle mindset gateway to success: fail fast, learn faster
  • From idea to red carpet: how I realized my first feature film
  • Diversity & Inclusion: it’s time for corporations to walk the walk
  • Taking a leap of faith: what does it take to leave behind a 17-year career at Nike
  • Shamelessly self-promote as an introvert

What to Expect

  • Humor, passion and fun
  • Positive inspiration
  • Surprising insights
  • Concrete, practical and valuable tips

In short: a session that you will not soon forget.

“What a great talk you just gave (online) at ABN AMRO. Good energy and a good story! It gave me another kick in the ass to continue creating again. Even though I am now working at ABN AMRO, I have a background in the creative industry. I myself am of Surinamese descent and I would like to see museums in the Netherlands more often holding exhibitions about the slavery and colonial period. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to achieve that. But one thing I know for sure: I will succeed. Good luck with all your creative endeavors!”

Shannon Martosemito

“I really enjoyed listening to your talk. It’s really special how you sent the energy in the group. I will not soon forget that! I will take the energy with me and will certainly take your advice to heart!”

Myrthe Berkman

“Hi Shenin I hope you are well. Your words resonated with me and I felt positive energy. You have a new supporter from England. I have now signed up to your upcoming workshop. Very excited. I hope to connect with you to cheer you on and support you the amazing work your doing”.

Samira Ali

“I just wanted to say Wow! You rocked the WFM show yesterday. I watched the first half, had to leave but saw the second half in the afternoon.I am so glad I didn’t have to follow you!!!

I love your storytelling, your heart and your caring for others. Your stories about your dad still linger in my mind. Well done Shenin and thank you for sharing that story…both with the Quinyx family and beyond…

All the got a new fan in me”.

Jim Donald

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Personal values

My aim is to support you in your professional and personal development whilst working towards making a positive impact together.

Authenticity & Vulnerability. To bring your lifes mission to the next level there is one value not to be missed: being yourself. Show up. Bring yourself to the court. Choose from your values, share your experience and be vulnerable in your ideas. There is power in vulnerability.

Just Do It. No success is without action. It sounds so simple and yet there is a graveyard full of good ideas and intentions that are never executed. By taking the leap and Just Doing It, you can bring your visions to life.

Harmony. There is no such thing as a work life balance. However you can create your own harmony. Figure out what works for you.

Perseverance. Nothing worth having comes easy. To get the results you desire you need perseverance to keep sharpening your ideas and to retain the joy whilst doing it.

Hustle & Heart Values

We believe we rise by lifting others. Our aim is to help you reach your potential.

Inspiration. H&H brings you the thrilling feeling of being inspired. We hand you new ideas, fresh insights and interesting experts that can lift you to the next level.

Inclusivity. H&H is there for all women. In our world no one is excluded or out of place. We
are all unique and the same in some way. We enrich each other. We want you to feel like you belong

Empowerment. H&H is all about empowerment. We have so much to share with the world as women, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We help each other to step up and fulfill our full potential.

Safety & Belonging. H&H is a safe haven for ideas and doubts, for being you now and the person you would like to become. We’ll support you along the way and you are welcome in every stage and with every aspiration.

Expert coaches

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Hustle { huhs-uhl }

Verb, hus·tled, hus·tling.

  • ‘Hustling is about doing everything you know is possible. Putting all of your energy, all of your focus, all of your intentions to moving, an idea an experiment, an experience into full manifestation’ – Oprah Winfrey
  • ‘Hustling is putting every minute and all your effort into achieving the goal at hand. Every minute needs to count’ – Gary Vaynerchuck

My definition

  • Hustling is having the ultimate ‘Just Do It’ mentality and being persistent in reaching your goals
  • Hustling is starting before you are ready
  • Believing in yourself
  • Working hard and working smart
  • Selling first & creating later
  • It’s not about what you know,but who you know

Noun, The hustler

  • Dreamer
  • Confidence
  • Connector
  • Persistence
  • Energetic

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