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Sisterhood Circle

It is important to have a tribe, a personal board of advisors, women around you who inspire you and pull you out of your comfort zone.

Are you:

  • looking for a female network but never found one which is a good fit for you?
  • in need of a confidence boost and a supportive shoulder to lean on?
  • planning the next move in your career or business, but you’re not sure which step to take first?

We’ve got your back with the Sisterhood Circle.

Getting ahead of change in times of uncertainty and disruption can be challenging. Putting yourself first and embarking on a new journey to self-discovery and clarity about your vision for life and ways of reaching it can seem impossible. Especially on your own. But not when you have a strong and supportive network of passionate and like-minded sisters, powered by mentors in a sphere of continuous personal development and growth.

For many individuals that have succeeded in their career and business, the  reasons have largely been contributed to the strong networking channels they have created over time. Networking will help you develop and improve your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your career & business development.

Hustle & Heart Consultancy wants to help you reach your business goals, career ambitions and dreams by facilitating an empowering Sisterhood Circle. Focusing on connecting the minds and hearts of female entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs willing to make a positive and confident step forward in their life and career. The main objective of the Sisterhood Circle is to boost confidence and connections.

A carefully crafted monthly Sisterhood Circle program by mentor Iryna Andreieva & Shenin Lebrun will help women lift their spirits, gain confidence and expand their connections in a deep and meaningful way.

Why should you join?

What do you get when you join?

  • Boost your network by joining a community that will support you along your professional and personal journey
  • Monthly 1,5 hrs digital group sessions to cover important topics like dealing with limiting beliefs, authenticity, taking action, confidence building, self-promotion, and more
  • In depth, insightful conversations through small group sessions
  • Various learning tools, including videos, workbook, templates

For who


Business owners

Career changers

Promotion hunters



Yes really AMAZING🙌🏽

Sisterhood is super powerful! I am so happy with my decision to join!🔥


🙌🏽 Love it and exactly what I was looking for!


Great to connect with likeminded women! I’m excited to be part of it as it’s unfolding and great to connect in smaller groups to deep dive into the sessions 🙂


Yess! On 🔥 💛


Yass! So glad I joined!



  • 6 sept | Kick Off | 4pm
  • 13 sept | 1st group session | 4pm
  • 4 Oct | 2nd group session | 4pm
  • 8 Nov | 3rd group session | 4 pm
  • 29 Nov | closing | 4pm

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€ 149,00 excl. VAT

What are you looking for in a Sisterhood Community?
The entire program will cost only 149,- EUR (excl. VAT)
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