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educate, engage and empower

your Employee Resource Groups and communities

to ensure you create a feeling of belonging

What do we do:

  • We organize internal events i.e., networking events, panel discussions, talkshows, workshops and masterclasses
  • We facilitate mentoring programs
  • We do qualitative and quantitative research
  • We activate and program new ERG groups i.e. Women’s Network
  • We connect you to local communities
  • We facilitate D&I ‘best practice sharing’ summits between corporations
All our programs are tailormade and we are a one-stop shop. It’s time you walked the walk.

Our cases

Untill we all win

Nike wanted to organize a digital event to have a frank and honest discussion about gender-based violence against womxn and how men can be an ally. Gender based violence against women is usually thought of and discussed as a ‘women’s issue’; but because the large majority of perpetrators of GBV against women are males, the problem is equally, or maybe even more so, a ‘men’s issue’.

Nike hired Hustle & Heart Consultancy to organize a digital event to educate male team members – those who don’t commit violence and abuse, but are aware that it is happening around them. To encourage the audience to recognize and examine the attitudes, behaviors and situations that allow gender-based violence to happen, and to encourage people to speak up and actively work to become part of the solution.

Time to catch up

ABN AMRO sponsors about fifty field hockey clubs in the Netherlands. All with strong roots in society. In the spirit of their purpose ‘Banking for better, for generations to come’ hockey clubs can make a valuable contribution to a sustainable and inclusive society.

Field hockey is a beautiful sport. Fair play is of paramount importance. Yet, looking at the position of men and women, it is anything but ‘fair’. Women in hockey don’t receive the same opportunities as men do. The ABN AMRO launched the program Time to catch up (De Inhaalslag), to change this.

ABN AMRO hired Hustle & Heart Consultancy to do a qualitative research to analyze the awareness of this program and to collect valuable insight to improve the content & communication of the program.

Lift Our Voices

Lululemon Lift Our Voices (LOV) provides a safe space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) individuals to connect, gather and share their stories, struggles & successes.

Initiated by Lululemon D&I Action Leader Mitsuko Gardner-Dorsey, the LOV sessions serve to build community and resilience; a safe environment for BIPOC to be their true, authentic selves, to share experiences, to share advice, to realise they are not alone in the joys & challenges they face.

Hustle & Heart understands the social climate of modern society, and in partnership with Lululemon, we take pride in facilitating these monthly online sessions that provide a safe, open environment for members of the lululemon BIPOC community across EMEA to ground themselves, to with meet & commune with their fellow colleagues.

All our programs are tailormade and we are a one-stop shop. It’s time you walked the walk.