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Born to Hustle: How to win in business and life with Shenin Lebrun featured on Quinyx

by: Wienona

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Shenin Lebrun is a successful businesswoman who mentors women, helps corporations with their employee resource groups, and founded an inclusive media production company by using the Hustle mentality.

In the May episode of Quinyx, Shenin Lebrun, Marketplace Development Senior Executive at Nike, shares her top 10 secrets to business excellence and growth. Shenin also dives into the role of the workforce in Nike’s innovative consumer journey.

Get ready to be inspired on topics such as:

  • How to drive workforce-led operational success
  • The secrets behind the next-level corporate hustling
  • How to go from pitch to glory

She believes in combining hustle and heart to achieve success. Shenin emphasizes the importance of agility, seizing opportunities, and making things happen while maintaining a work-life balance. Learned the hard way that life isn’t always fair but Shenin believes that with the right mindset and hustle mentality, success and happiness can be achieved.

Shenin advocates for embracing emotion and connecting with employees to thrive in the retail industry. She believes that when employees have vitality, purpose, and work-life balance, their potential is unlocked, leading to increased revenue for businesses.

Make sure to watch Episode 4 of The WFM Show, Shenin Lebrun – who worked at Nike for 18 years – teaches you how to hustle with your heart and turn dreams into reality.

Watch Shenin on Quinyx 

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by: Wienona

Reading time: < 1 minutes



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