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Shenin Lebrun featured on Linda.

by: Wienona

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Last week, with a proud and confident voice, she excitedly announced to her mother, “Mom, I am featured on LINDA.”

Recently, she had the opportunity to sit down with LINDA. for an interview, discussing her vision and thoughts on women entrepreneurship, as well as shedding light on the untold stories of women of color that are often overlooked by the media. Shenin recognizes the need for more diverse role models in the media industry that truly represents all voices.

What’s more is that while acknowledging that making the TV and film industry more inclusive and diverse will be a lengthy process, she and her business partner, Chafina Bendahman, found inspiration in the likes of Issa Rae and decided to channel their efforts toward YouTube. With great pride, they introduced their interview series, “SelfMade,” featuring it on their Maya Creatives YouTube channel. Through this, they aim to shine a spotlight on different women entrepreneurs, sharing unconventional journeys and inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

You can watch all of the episodes here.

“SelfMade” is a collaborative effort with LINDA. and made possible by ABN AMRO Bank N.V. This is just the beginning, as she promises there is much more to come. Maya Creatives encourages any organizations interested in partnering for Branded Content to get in touch.

Furthermore for the full LINDA. article, click here to read (please note that the article is in Dutch)

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by: Wienona

Reading time: < 1 minutes



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