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DIEP@Work Podcast with Shenin Lebrun

by: Wienona

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In 17 years Nike, her film on Netflix and entrepreneurship for women

“Power house alert! Shenin is an entrepreneur, TV and film story producer, Marketplace Development Director EMEA at Nike and mother until May 2021. She has also embraced the ‘just do it’ mindset and professional way of working of this fantastic company privately and in her own business. This resulted in beautiful steps in her own dreams, so she realized her own cinema film. Since 2018 she has been passing on her knowledge about marketing and branding, but also her best practices experience from Nike, to female entrepreneurs who want to actively work to achieve a new, bigger goal for their own business.”

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Shenin’s journey is deeply intertwined with her time at Nike. While working as the Marketplace Development Director EMEA, Shenin followed the “just do it” philosophy that defines Nike. She embraced this mindset not only in her role at the company but also in her own entrepreneurial endeavors. This fusion of Nike’s values and her personal aspirations fueled her drive to turn her dreams into reality.

Driven by a passion for storytelling, Shenin set her sights on creating her own cinematic masterpiece. Drawing from her experiences in the TV and film industry, she embarked on a journey to bring her vision to life.

Having tasted success in her own endeavors, Shenin recognized the importance of empowering and uplifting fellow entrepreneurs, particularly women. Since 2018, she has been generously sharing her knowledge about marketing, branding, and her invaluable experiences from her time at Nike. Her aim is to inspire and guide female entrepreneurs who are eager to actively work towards achieving their own big dreams for their businesses.

Through workshops, mentorship programs, and speaking engagements, Shenin imparts her best practices, lessons, and strategies to aspiring female entrepreneurs. She understands the challenges they face and helps them navigate the complex world of business with confidence. By sharing her journey, Shenin nurtures a community of driven women who support and uplift one another.

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by: Wienona

Reading time: 2 minutes



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