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Use your ‘feminine’ traits as your ticket to success

by: Shenin Lebrun

Reading time: 2 minutes

Welcome in the age of femininity! What? Well yes! In today’s faster and more interconnected world, no one person — no matter how smart or sophisticated — can hope to connect all relevant dots. More typically feminine qualities of receptivity, connection, curiosity, listening, and relationship are increasingly important to success.

So, are you screwed now if you are a man? Not really, but work is getting more and more complex every day, and leaders are trying to figure out how to set themselves up for success when yesterday’s rules no longer apply. So it’s time to make the most of your feminine traits (even as a man ;-)) as your ticket to success.

Radical receptivity: Be always open

The days of not breaking bad news are over. Honesty is more important than ever, bad behaviour isn’t an option anymore. If you are forging new paths, mistakes and failures are inevitable. People will rally to problem-solve with you if they are treated with respect and compassion. There is no substitute for integrity and humility.

Wholehearted connection: It always starts with you

It turns out we can’t selectively shut out only the bad stuff. And, if we want openness from others, we often have to go first. If you have the courage to be vulnerable, others will follow and there will be an open conversation in your team that feels healthy and thriving.

Rabid curiosity: Never stop learning

With disruption coming from all sides, being open to new insight is a crucial business asset. The leaders who will succeed in the future are those who know that they don’t have all the answers and have a hunger for learning that drives them to leave no stone unturned.

Deep listening: Wonder what is beneath the surface

Even in an era of big data, when CEOs and their teams have access to highly sophisticated analyses and insights, their ability to make sense of it is only as good as where they already know to look. Those who are open to surprising new insights will win, while those who behave as though they have it all figured out have already lost.

Fierce relationships: In the end, it’s the only thing that matters

To stand out as an entrepreneur, manager or company the most valuable thing is your connection with your client or customer, because proven loyalty is the best way to get happy and returning clients. It’s service over price, listening to your clients over playing hard ball and being genuine over being commercial.

How can you use your feminine traits more effectively?

by: Shenin Lebrun

Reading time: 2 minutes



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