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Leadership Program

When we consider the change and disruption in the world right now the type of leader required is one of humility, compassion and empathy. Leaders who will support their people like leaders in their own right through human connection.

With our in-person or virtual leadership programs, our objective is to grow great leaders through inspiration and engagement.

In today’s corporate culture, there is no greater responsibility than giving your teams the opportunity to unlock their potential and grow. And we do this in close partnership with you, aligning with your business and culture goals.  Your teams will have the opportunity to participate in workshops dedicated to empowering them, become more confident on the inside as well as more influential and skilled on the outside.

Our workshops, programs and masterclasses are designed to provide insights, impacts and transform individuals and teams.

Our popular workshops

The 3 C’s to career success

When it comes to achieving career success, We strongly believe we need to focus on three things. You need: 

1. Confidence to believe in yourself, 

2. The right connections to create opportunities and lift you up and

3. You need to feel more comfortable with promoting yourself. 

 In this workshop, we focus on these 3 Cs: Confidence, Connections (your network) & Communication. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or ready for a promotion, the objective will be to boost your confidence, help you identify and create opportunities through building the right connections, and learning to communicate successes, needs and ambitions.

Remarkable Me 
Having a Personal Brand in the workplace is important. It can help you thrive in a challenging environment. Building a Personal Brand is not about developing a professional ‘mask’ you wear whenever you’re at work to fit in with the culture or to be accepted. Building a powerful Personal Brand is how to articulate who you are and what you stand for. During this workshop we will focus on your Personal Brand Story and the role allies can play. 
Leadership by embracing vulnerability
Contrary to popular belief, being vulnerable does not mean you have to share your deepest, most personal secrets and let it all hang out. It means letting your guard down, putting pretenses aside and being yourself.
Brene Brown, the best-selling author of books including The Power of Vulnerability and Daring Greatly, has done extensive research on vulnerability. Brene argues that vulnerability is ‘engaging in life, being all in, dedicating yourself to something.’  
Although we are all vulnerable at the core, expressing this outwardly in a meaningful way is not easy nor is it necessarily comfortable. In the workshop, we share ways to open up communication and vulnerability in one’s leadership practices.

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