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educate, engage and empower

your Employee Resource Group

Effective employee resource groups are key to inclusion at work.

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are internal communities of workers with shared identities and interests. The most effective of these groups help boost feelings of inclusion for traditionally underrepresented segments of workers, improve the attraction and retention of employees who identify with these segments, and increase representation of diverse talent in line with the organization’s DEI strategy. 

Eventhough while many companies believe their DEI aspirations are transformative, the majority do not have a DEI infrastructure— including ERGs. Or the engagement between the ERGs and their members are not consistent. This is where Hustle & Heart comes in.

Through online & offline events we educate, engage and empower Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s). If you don’t have an ERGs. We help you to identify, set up and activate the community.

Hustle & Heart Consultancy has been incredible partners for the lululemon collective. Their approach to sensitive issues is always committed to creating a safe space to our teams and driving conversations in a light manner. We are proud of this partnership and how Hustle & Heart helps us to achieve our purpose to elevate the world by realising the full potential within every one of us. They always bring their knowledge, passion, and live into our company’s values of honesty, courage, connection, fun, and inclusion.
Dr. Gus Bussmann

Our Cases

Untill we all win


Nike wanted to organize a digital event to have a frank discussion about gender-based violence against womxn and how men can be allies. Gender based violence against women is usually thought of and discussed as a ‘womxn’s issue’; but because the majority of perpetrators are men, the problem is equally, or maybe even more so, a ‘men’s issue’.

Nike hired Hustle & Heart Consultancy to organize a digital event aimed at encouraging the audience to recognize and examine the attitudes, behaviors and situations that allow gender-based violence to happen, and to encourage men to speak up and become part of the solution.

Lift Our Voices


Lululemon Lift Our Voices (LOV) provides a safe space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) employees to connect, gather and share their stories, struggles & successes.

Hustle & Heart understands the social climate of modern society, and in partnership with Lululemon, we take pride in facilitating monthly online sessions that provide a safe, open environment for members of the lululemon BIPOC community across EMEA to ground themselves, to meet with & commune with their fellow colleagues.