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Building a career can feel lonely. Sometimes there’s no one you can turn to to brainstorm various options, challenges and strategies.

One of the most important lessons I learned from my time at Nike is that your goals are made so much more possible with a mentor by your side. When you connect with the right mentor it opens up the ability to pursue opportunities, tap into resources and create a feedback loop that is essential in your career journey.

As your mentor, I will be your strategic sparring partner; challenging your thinking, asking tough questions and helping you get to the core of your obstacles.
An external perspective can help you gain new insights on an issue, offer a sanity check and provide clarity. And, when you can’t see the forest for the trees it helps to have someone who can help you see the big picture and align your priorities.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s the opposite.

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Mentoring services


The Mentoring membership is especially designed to offer professionals unlimited support to tackle various areas without having the pressure of time or availability.

Through this program, you will make real time strides towards the areas where you need support and guidance and will be able to continue the work while tackling potential new needs of focus based solely on your very own professional development journey.

  • Objectives: Tailormade guidance and mentoring based on your own needs and challenges.
  • Focus: Leadership development
  • Format: Live or in-person
  • Timing: 90 min sessions
  • Frequency: Every three weeks with H&H founder Shenin Lebrun
  • Commitment: Ongoing mentoring (minimum of 3 months + you can stop anytime with a month notice)

Targeted Mentoring

The Targeted mentoring program is designed for professionals who are already self-aware of what is standing in their way to grow their career or achieve their dreams.

Through this program, you will zoom into the specific areas of your choice with Shenin to make concrete steps forward that will help unlock your development and potential.

  • Objectives: Topic defined mentoring
  • Focus: Personal growth across 3 topics ( see below list).
  • Format: Live or in-person
  • Timing: 75 min sessions
  • Frequency: One session very three weeks, with H&H founder Shenin Lebrun
  • Commitment: A total of 6 sessions of in-depth personal mentoring. Total duration of approx. 5 months.


- Choice of a maximum of 3 topics to cover across the 6 sessions of the Targeted mentoring program -

Mapping out your career next steps: starting from identifying and following your strengths as guide posts, to help you map out potential career path options so you can get moving – even if all you know right now is where you don’t want to be.

Confidence and Connections: whether you are at the beginning of your career or ready for that promotion. We will focus on building your confidence and creating career opportunities through building the right network.

Leadership isn’t just about creating a vision or leading a group of people. It’s about inspiring and accepting to show your vulnerability in a way that make people connect with you. By being vulnerable and authentic with your team and/or peers, you will succeed in creating deeper connections as well as a sense of purpose. Vulnerability isn’t a weakness; it was the birthplace of belonging, creativity, and joy.

Imposter Syndrome is a common culprit for many professional women who have high ambitions. During our session, I will share techniques for recognizing and combating Imposter Syndrome. I’ll help you figure out what you need to do to deal with it and ultimately work towards the goal of gradually diminish the impact Impostor Syndrome has on your life and work. You will leave with a personal ‘toolbox’ that you can use whenever Impostor Syndrome shows its ugly head.

A Personal Brand in the workplace is essential to advance a career. It is the key to ensuring you show up and are known for exactly who you are. Building a Personal Brand is not about developing a professional ‘mask’ you wear whenever you’re at work to fit in. Building a powerful Personal Brand is how to articulate who you truly are and what you stand for.

Self promotion is often perceived as a form of arrogance, which it doesn’t have to be. The fact of the matter is that women who do not learn how to self promote do themselves and their employer and peers a disservice. We will explore why talking about your achievements can feel so icky and how to overcome that. Self promotion isn’t about boasting, it’s about recognising your achievements to better help those around you (and yourself).

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To succeed, it’s crucial to seek out and take advantage of an outside perspective.