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It can feel lonely sometimes working on your business or on your career. Sometimes there is just no one you can turn to to brainstorm various options, challenges and strategies.

To get an external perspective can help you gain new insights on a current issue, have a sanity check or gain more clarity. And sometimes when you can’t see the forest for the trees any more it helps to have someone challenge you to take the chainsaw to the to do list to reset priorities.

Don’t be ashamed and think that seeking help is a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s the opposite.

During this mentor membership program Shenin will become your strategic sparring partner. She will be someone you can trust, who is able to step in your shoes given her first hand business, corporate & life experience. You can reflect on challenges and bounce off idea. As a strategic sparring partner, she will challenge your thinking, ask some tough questions and help you get to the core of the issues. She will even help you clarify your role in the situation by holding up the mirror for you and showing you your blind spots.

Why should you join?

What do you get when you join?

  • Bi- weekly sparring session of 45 min
  • Unlimited email and phone support in case of unexpected challenges
  • Access to the Sisterhood Circle program
  • Access to all webinar content
  • World-wide network

For who


New business owners

Side Hustlers

Career changers

Promotion hunter

To succeed, it’s crucial to seek out and take advantage of an outside perspective.

Mentor Membership Program

€ 525,00 excl. VAT per month

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